Happy Holidays

December Spiritual
I feel this photo is a good representation of what I expressed in this blog post. The book represents the book of our family being held by the spirit of my loved ones who have passed and the cross is my faith that spirit exists.

Christmas is a time our loved ones
are on our minds

and for me it is all about showing how much they mean to me and how thankful I am for having them in my life. We rush around trying to figure out what our friends and family would like for Christmas, we go out celebrating the holidays with our friends, staff parties etc. etc. We are so busy rushing around with decorating, cooking and all those endless tasks one has to do for the holidays that we don’t take the time to feel the presence of spirit around us during the holidays and after all the spirit of Christmas is what it is all about.

Every Christmas I wish my mom was here to celebrate the season with me and my family. I make those Chinese Chews that burned my little hands as I rolling them into balls remembering how good they tasted and how hard my mom worked to make Christmas special for us kids. The French meat pies my mom taught me to make are a tradition in my home at Christmas maybe because the smell in the house makes me feel like she is there cooking it with me.

Maybe she is if I just take the moment to feel her presence!

I reminisce about all those times my father played with us kids in the snow making snowmen, having snowball fights and making ice rinks in our backyard. One particular time always comes to mind when I think of my father, all us kids chasing him around a blue spruce tree throwing snow balls at him, ducking, running, and laughing. I can still hear the laughter and feel the pure joy we shared to this day. Maybe that is why I have a blue spruce in my garden to remind me of those days.

I believe if we take the time to reminisce about our loved ones that are no longer with us through the Christmas Holidays. You will feel their presence through the memories and stories you share of them. To me this is the true meaning of the Spirit of Christmas coming together reminiscing with our loved about our loved ones.

So take the time to remember and share those moments that touched your life.

That is the gift you can give to your loved ones in heaven and on earth and you will feel the Spirit of Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and your loved ones.\

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