Robbie the Raccoon

Well many of you might have seen my video of the rascally racoon, Robbie, who thought he could eat my cats’ cat food right under my nose! So I thought I would write a little bit about those brazing little fellows who are known for wearing the mask! Along with their famous masked faces, Racoons […]

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December Spiritual

Happy Holidays

Christmas is a time our loved ones are on our minds and for me it is all about showing how much they mean to me and how thankful I am for having them in my life. We rush around trying to figure out what our friends and family would like for Christmas, we go out […]

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One day I awoke to my young son, “Mommy Mommy come see the crow, Mommy come see the crow!” I thought what could have gotten my son so excited by a crow? We see them all the time and he never once displayed so much excitement over a crow! Yet and behold there was a crow! […]

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Spirituality & Me

  For me it began at a very early age.  An age when I did not understand and I did not have the teachers to help me understand. I don’t know if it was because I was such a sick child or that I had come so close to death all I know is that […]

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Messages the Birds Give

I was asked one day what was your trigger, what made you step out as a psychic? Well I always knew I had abilities. I’m a dreamer. I feel things. I have a knowing. I see things. I have so many experiences that I could talk for hours about. Like many of us that have […]

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