Spirituality & Me



For me it began at a very early age.  An age when I did not understand and I did not have the teachers to help me understand. I don’t know if it was because I was such a sick child or that I had come so close to death all I know is that I was scared and I would try and push it away, but it was always there growing through my experiences and would help me out when I most needed it.

I was a very sick child when I was born, born a month too early.   A preemie with jaundice, a hole in my heart, and a under developed stomach weighing all of five pounds and not being able to sub stain my weight. My survival rate was low, but I had a will to live and a desire to be in this world.

My parents spent many a night at the Toronto Children’s Sick Hospital praying I would survive! As I grew Children’s Sick would be my winter home, and I would meet my pretend friend Cheyanne!

It wasn’t until I was six years old that my mother realised how different I was from my four other siblings and the power of my spirit to survive.

She tells of the night I came to stand at the end of her bed crying

Mommy, mommy I am sick, mommy I am sick, I need you, and I need your help!  

She woke right up thinking I was right there at the end of her bed, but I was not! She ran into my room scared not understanding how I had come to her in her sleep and I remembered looking at her from the end of that bed.

That would be the first time I astral traveled, but not the last! Every year until the day she past she would call me and ask me what’s wrong, you were standing at the end of my bed again and it would always be when I needed her, and I would always remember dreaming I was standing at the end of her bed!

I was rushed into the hospital I had a fever of a 106 and it was going up. Scarlet fever turned into romatic fever and double ammonia had set in. My heart was weak from the hole and I ended up in a bubble. My mother tells me I was in the hospital for a year and most of it in a bubble. I am not sure if her recollection is correct what I can tell you I was in long enough to have a love for bag pipes for every Sunday I would hear them play and I would begin a bond with my pretend friend that would last a life time.

I remember the doctor asking the nurse who is she talking too. That was the first time I realised they could not see my friend and the first time I realised I was different.  I was shocked and embarrassed.

I could not understand how they could not see my friend Cheyanne for she was always there to play with me, there for me in my loneliness and would listen to the bag pipes with me until my family came to visit.

I did not know it then but that was my first encounter with my spirit guide. All I knew was she was my friend and she had been with me all my life!

This was the beginning of my spiritual path growing without me knowing.

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