Messages the Birds Give


I was asked one day what was your trigger, what made you step out as a psychic?

Well I always knew I had abilities. I’m a dreamer. I feel things. I have a knowing. I see things. I have so many experiences that I could talk for hours about. Like many of us that have gifts, we had no teachers to explain or teach us or even tell us what was happening. I kept pushing my gifts away. Yes, I was afraid. Can you imagine a child having a dream that comes true? It is a scary thing and having a father telling her mother not to teach her that shit. Hmm, not to teach her something that comes so natural to her. Sad isn’t it? I can still hear him saying those words to this day.

A lot of time my intuition would show up in questions but when I was in danger it would scream at me and kept me safe. I was lucky that I knew enough to pay attention when my body would start to vibrate. I knew I had no choice but to listen. When my guides needed my attention I could hear them loud and clear.

Look up! I was in my locker at the back of my high school and I looked up and there was a guy walking my way, which I thought it was odd. School was over and everyone was in the gym watching the basketball game. My body started to vibrate then I heard, “Look the other way!” I looked and I knew I was in trouble! I don’t know if I ever thanked my guides that day but I do now! That was not the first day nor would it be the last.

So I dabbled in reading cards for friends and my psychic abilities would surface through a knowing or question. I would see pictures and I knew I had a calling, but it wasn’t until a little French man came into my family’s life that I knew my calling could no longer be denied.

Dick Villeanue stole my crib partner and showed my mother what love was! He became my children’s grandpa and I loved him too! It truly is a blessing when someone comes into your life and touches your heart in ways you never knew. He brought a healing and would start me down a path that sprit had been calling for far too long.

You see Dick was part of my soul family. I didn’t know that then but I know it now and he had made an agreement with me in heaven to remind me of my path and show me the way.


Messages the Birds Give

I didn’t see this damn light everyone talks about.

I know Dick but it’s there you just need to open your eyes and see. I almost died three times; I know I’ve been there every time.

Have you been dreaming about my Mom?

Yes, I dream of her every night. Well, Dick she is waiting for you.

You truly believe don’t you kid?

Yes, Dick with all my heart!

Well, you know I don’t believe.

I know, Dick but you believe in the messages the birds give.

Yes, yes, I do! They call me the bird man; the birds are never wrong!

I wonder Dick who gives the birds to the messages?

Dick died that night and the last thing he said to me was, “We really connected in this life time didn’t we kid?” Yes, we did and I can’t thank you enough for showing my mom love! I knew I would never see Dick again but I didn’t know he still had a lesson for me!

I had that dreaded call telling me Dick had passed. I took the day off from work and cried! He had made such a difference in my life and those I loved the most. I knew I would miss him terribly and I still do. I went to bed that night totally excused and the dream came.



I found myself walking up to a magnolia tree that old one in the center of town, it must be a hundred years old and I noticed that there were bluebirds squawking in the tree. So I walked up to the tree wondering why the birds were making such a noise and one of the birds fell out and I caught it. I put it on my shoulder and started to walk in my dream. I came up to two woodpeckers and they offered me their feathers. I thought how cool is that I have never even seen woodpecker feathers before. I noticed the bluebird was no longer on my shoulder so I went looking for the bird and I found it wrapped up in a plastic bag. I unwrapped the bird and asked why you are dying when I saved you from falling. Well, the birds face turned into Dicks face and he smiled!

I sat straight up in my bed I couldn’t believe it! Dick had made it. He had made it to the other side and he came back to let me know. My tears were no longer tears of sadness they were tears of joy. I knew he was safe in heaven! I knew it with all my heart!

Well, you would think my story ends there but there’s more, so much so much that it humbled me and left me knowing with out a doubt there is a heaven!

I went to work the next day at the parks department and I put my lunch kit down in the same spot every day. But this day of all days there was a surprise for me that would change my life! There were feathers there and not just any feather. I asked Mark how did these feathers get here? He told me he found them at the duck pond yesterday and I thought you might like them. Thank you, Mark. They are beautiful. What kind of feathers are they? He told me they are woodpecker feathers. I thought I was going to come out of my skin. They can’t be! Yes, you see the tail feathers. See how stiff they are, that is how a woodpecker balances itself on the tree. I thought I was going to faint not only had Dick come to me in his dream. He made sure I knew it!

So I had a thought I would bring three feathers to the funeral. I gave the first one to his daughter, the second one to his stepdaughter but I had no idea who the third person was. I would soon find out!

I had the name Steward pop into my head I didn’t know who Steward was never knew any one connected to Dick with that name. Who could this be? Then Steward stood up and spoke about the Bird Man Dick Villenue and I knew who that feather was for! When he was finished I walked up to Steward and said I have a gift for you from Dick and I told him my story of Dick and my dream and I handed him the feather. He took that feather into his hand and you would have thought it was the most precious piece of gold he had ever seen. He cried, I told Dick there was another side, I told him! And he wanted you to know he made it!

Well, I went home that night happy from a funeral knowing I had done my job! And when I walked into my home my little girl was waiting. Mommy, I have a feather for you. You do, I said, and she handed me a bluebird feather and all I heard was, “You did good kid!”

That was the day I knew I had been called!

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