Robbie the Raccoon

Well many of you might have seen my video of the rascally racoon, Robbie, who thought he could eat my cats’ cat food right under my nose! So I thought I would write a little bit about those brazing little fellows who are known for wearing the mask!

Along with their famous masked faces, Racoons are also known for their dexterity. As you can see in my video, their paws are like hands, very nimble. This implies to their notorious nature of being considered thieves. They can open lids, doors, latches, door knobs, and yes cat food bags! In my case, also my reading room where they took great pleasure playing with all my feathers and my mala! Yes, I did say my mala. Why? I have no idea. Maybe they just like the energy of my reading room, go figure my clients do. Taking my Blue Heron feather out of the room and ripping it apart was just going too far, and yes, I had words with Robbie over it. Maybe spirit was using Robbie to get a message across. So l will have to think more on why he messed with my Blue Heron feather.

Their name is believed to come from the Algonquin nation, Arckunem, meaning “hanRobbied scratcher”. Makes sense when you watch the video and see how they use their hands- oops! I mean paws. Racoons are extremely curious creatures which is why they get into things they shouldn’t. Hmmm my reading room for example! Really, my reading room? Still shaking my head over that one. They love to explore! Well maybe they were trying to see what the cards had to say!


The mask they wear is one of their most striking features and is a very powerful mystical symbol. Masks have been used in rituals, healing, and altered states in every society. The art of mask making is ancient and is also used for ceremony, celebration and magical practices. The mask is a tool for transformation and can help us change what we are into and what we want to be, bringing us magic!

With Raccoon magic, it shows us how to wear masks for a variety of purposes. It can teach us how to transform ourselves, how to wear a healing mask, or show you the face you shall become.

Maybe Robbie entered my reading room taking the Blue Heron feather out to tell me it is time to find my roost to put back on the mask of family.

When Racoon comes into your life remember that you will develop your own unique relationship with the masked bandit. Teaching you what mask you may wear and what you may become. When researching Racoon, also look into Bear as they are a distant relative to Raccoon.


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